Meet the amazing Posh Ambassadors who will be speaking at this year’s PoshFest. Stay tuned, more speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.

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Andrea Sager


Andrea is the host of The Legalpreneur Podcast, and CEO/Founder of Legalpreneur Inc., which helps small business owners legally protect and grow their business.

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Emma Coffey


Emma is a fashion merchandising student and sells on Poshmark part time. She hopes to get a job in the fashion industry after graduating and loves adventures.

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Nina Osollo


Nina worked a corporate job for 11 years until 2019 when a merger pushed her to be a full-time reseller. She is a proud mom to Nalisa and fur baby Frida. She loves horror flicks and video games.

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Renée Suiter


Renée is a full-time reseller of 8 years. She's passionate about helping keep the planet green by selling thrifted items on Poshmark.

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Tijana Milenkovic


Tijana is passionate about sustainable styling and reselling, and has been a full-time Posh Boss for the past 5 years. She's a single mother to 2 homeschooled sons and a fierce bachata dancer in her free time.

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Bryan Koehler


Bryan has been a full time reseller for 3 years but now only does it as a side hustle. He's been on Poshmark since 2016.

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Kaahreena Ochoco


Kaahreena is a full-time reseller who recently opened her own brick-and-mortar consignment store in the PNW. She also creates reselling-related content on YouTube and Instagram.

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Rae Allen


Rae is a wardrobe stylist, content creator, and athlete in LA. You can find her always rocking Nikes, shopping, training at the gym, or with her dog Coco Chanel.

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Shaun Bartley


Shaun AKA Mista Thrifter is a business owner and entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia. His passion led him to write "This Ain't Your Grandparents Thrift Shop," to help others navigate Poshmark and other e-commerce platforms.

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Caymielyn Johnson


Caymielyn left her 9-to-5 job as a Medical Assistant in 2015 when she decided to start Posh part time. She enjoys sourcing with her PFFs and being a stay-at-home mom with her 5 kids.

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Monette Mejia


Monette is a full-time reseller, which has opened so many opportunities for her including being a ambassador for Target and Torrid.

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Regina Barbour


Regina is a full-time reseller and the host of the Posh Babe Podcast. She also creates a lot of fun Posh-related content on Instagram.

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Stephanie Weddle


Stephanie is a graduate of Indiana University and left her teaching job after 23 years to Posh full time with her husband. She loves her daughters, tacos, and traveling.